• Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal, India

Psychological Counselling Cell

The college has a Psychology department and a psychological counselling cell for students, faculty members and office staff of the college. 

  • There is a separate session room in the college where the department also organises group sessions and individual sessions.  
  • The sessions are conducted by the faculty members of the Psychology department keeping the privacy of the counselee intact. All the interactions are kept strictly confidential. 
  • As a result of continuous supervision and counselling of the students, attendance has improved and concentration has increased. 

During covid-19 pandemic situation, Counselling sessions have been  performed over telephone to the affected students by the counselling cell of the Psychology department of the college.

Few of the students were benefitted from the telephonic sessions where as few of them, who needed emergency therapy, were referred to the professional therapist for follow up.