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College Alumni 

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Alumni means the former students of a school, college, or university who have either attended or graduated from the institution. Alumni are a significant part of an institution. This reflects the achievements of the institute as well as encourages the present students to make the institute shine in the future. Alumni are an important part of an institution’s advancement activities. In many cases, alumni raise funds for the development of the institution. By engaging alumni, an institution can continue to benefit from their skills and experience. A number of previous students, who have established themselves in different sectors of society, can act as role models for current students and are often well-placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers. Thus alumni are always an important part of an institution.

Government General Degree College, Singur started its journey very recently.  This college has a registered alumni association. Though this college is new, within these few years, a number of students showed significant achievements. In the academic sector, some students become University of Burdwan toppers, some students cracked NET examinations and started research at national-level institutes like IISER, as well as in the parent University. By qualifying for national-level admission tests, students are admitted to Delhi University and Benaras Hindu University for their postgraduate studies. After graduation, some students took training and join in nursing services and also different pathological laboratories and hospitals, and nursing homes. During the COVID pandemic period, their contributions were remarkable. Some alumni are also joined in school teaching, Indian postal service, etc. 

Though our college alumni association is in the infant stage, we are proud of our alumni, who have contributed from all walks of life. Our alumni are very active, participating in various social works like stopping child marriage, plastic eradication drive, etc. Our alumni will play a great role in the development of our college and the students in the coming years.

Alumni association of GGDC

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The alumni association of the college, Government General Degree College, was formed through a resolution taken by the Teachers’ Council in 2016 after the first batch passed out of the college. Its purpose was to assist the college administration in various events organized by the college as an important stake holder in the process. However, being fresh pass-outs, many were involved in higher studies and pursuing various career options, which considerably limited their participation in college affairs despite the best of intentions. 

In was in 2020, with the onset of the Covid pandemic that the college alumni really came together as a direction oriented, motivated body and extended their arm of assistance to the needy and the helpless during the troubled times. Many of them became involved in keeping the supply chain of medicine and ration ready, sacrificing their own safety; and many students who were nurses became frontline Covid workers. It was the trouble that brought the group together. They also increased their connection with the college, and the college became the platform to reach out to all its stake holders and the greater society with help and support. 

A group was formed on a virtual platform where covid related information was regularly shared, particularly those related to health service and hospital availabilities. The first online meeting to assess the situation and take relevant action was held on 29.12.2020. This time, discussions were carried out to turn the association into a registered one as par the rules laid down by the Government of India with proper bank account and norms.

Notice for the online meeting leading to the registration of the Alumni Association and discuss other matters arising

The alumni, along with the IQAC of the college, thought it necessary to stand behind its members who were frontline workers during the nightmarish period of the deathly second phase of Covid pandemic. News were reaching us how our frontline workers were battling it out in the field and the healthcare facilities, often getting into depression, anxiety and despondency. So, the association decided to arrange for a program entitled ‘Be Brave, Have Faith’ to exhibit our solidarity with our alumni who made us proud. A meeting was held on May 16, 2021 to finalise the program. (meeting link – jio-kbzm-aef)

The program was finalized in another meeting held on the very next day, May 17, 2021. (meeting link – wnk-qyjr-sxj). All the stakeholders partidipated in this meeting and the date of the program after discussion with all was decided on May 22, 2021.

Poster for the Be Brave, Have Faith program designed by the Alumni of the college.

It was decided that the program will be held through Google Meet and YouTube live will be held on the same time. The program became a grand success with viewership on GMeet and YouTube. 

GMeet link - quf-mvra-ptx

YouTube link - https://youtu.be/qbpmDj3HYZY

The Principal of the College, invited guests from faculty of other colleges, college faculties, current students and alumni whole heartedly participated in this context. The warriors shared their experiences and there were cultural programs. It was a cathartic experience for all. 

Screenshot of the program held in support of Covid warriors on May 22, 2021

Nursing Staff Nita Santra, alumnus of the college, sharing her experience as a Frontline Covid Warrior 

The alumni, inspired by the success of the program, organized a blood donation camp on June 1, to redress the problem of blood scarcity during the Covid time.

Poster for blood donation organized by Alumni Association, GGDC, Singur

The organization has finally become a registered organization, with its own bank account and office bearers.